Recycle Collection

More collection areas and map will be available once we have more recycle locations.


You may turn in your used soft plastic lures at the above tournaments or any Minnesota B.A.S.S. Nation event.

ReBaits® Recapture Bin
In progress, soon to have 3 locations

Current Tournament Partners
Fisher of Men Legacy - Minnesota Legacy Division
Upper Midwest Bass Challenge Series

Retail Partners
The Bobber Stop
23684 Highway 15 N
Hutchinson, Minnesota
(763) 248-5252
Web Site

Shakopee Fishing & Firearms
574 Marschall Rd
Shakopee, MN 55379
(952) 405-9934

Zero Tolerance Firearms & Fishing
309 Benson Ave SW
Willmar, MN 56201
(320) 235-4867

Protect. Conserve. Sustain

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Saving fish from discarded soft plastics

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ReBaits to reduce soft plastic dumping

The program collected 17 pounds of lures at the Southern Open
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Maine: Resolve, To Require the Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (Department) to Conduct a Study on the Use of Rubber Lures and Nondegradable Fishing Hooks and Lures.

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Maine Fisheries Opposes Plastics Ban, But Anglers Need to Be Better Stewards

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Soft plastics - banned?

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Soft plastics — banned?

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Soft plastics may get banned in Maine

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Maine B.A.S.S. Nation Continues its ReBaits Program

Once again the Maine B.A.S.S. Nation will take the leadership role of collecting used plastic baits by way of collection tubes that have been placed at boat launches in Maine and during local bass tournaments. The ReBaits program is designed to keep potentially discarded soft plastic baits out of the water and out of the stomachs of fish, and into recycling, not landfills.

Lakeland Jr. Bassmasters: Soft Plastics ReBaits

May 27, 2012
The Lakeland Jr. Bassmasters ReBaits program is now under way. Let's keep soft plastics out of our lakes and keep bass from eating used soft plastics which they cannoy digest. Over 17 pounds of soft plastics were collected from one B.A.S.S. event alone. I would like to see how much in soft plastics we can collect for the rest of the year. To help motivate our young anglers, friends, and family, we will add banquet raffle tickets to our ReBaits program, awarding 1 ticket for every 5 ounces of soft plastics turned in. We will keep a running total of all soft plastics for every angler and issue tickets accordingly. There will also be a special award for the angler turning in the most soft plastics for the year. So spread the word to friends, family, or whoever you can get to rebait their soft plastics. Let's see who can bring the most soft plastics to our next meeting!

Minnesota B.A.S.S. Nation launches ReBaits®

March 3, 2012
Minneapolis, MN
The Minnesota B.A.S.S. Nation is launching ReBaits®. ReBaits is designed to keep potentially discarded soft plastic baits out of the water and out of the stomachs of bass, and into recycling, not landfills.

In September 2011, B.A.S.S. Times Senior Writer Robert Montgomery described the story of Joe Ford, an angler who had caught a 10-pound bass that died. The bass' stomach contents revealed that the bass had eaten 12 large soft plastic lures, which had created a mass in the bass' belly. "Too many anglers tear worn baits off their hooks and toss them over the side," said Montgomery in his monthly conservation column. "Either they do so without thinking about it, or they believe that a little bit of plastic can't hurt anything. They are wrong."

At the March B.A.S.S. Nation meeting, each club representative was given a ziplock bag to kickoff the program. Each bag has contact information to return and recycle the baits. A collection bin will be available at all B.A.S.S. Nation events such as the Junior Tournament of Champions in June and the Adult Tournament of Champions in September. Also each B.A.S.S. Nation tournament contestant will be given a ReBaits bag and we will be attempting to partner with our tournament organizations in Minnesota.

The Minnesota B.A.S.S. Nation will be partnering with MG Lures to help sort and recycle the soft plastic baits. Mickey Goetting, owner of MG Lures, "We hope this project will be a win for all parties involved. We will keep plastic out of lakes and rivers and these lures will be recycled and given to youth."

If you are interested in partnering with the Minnesota B.A.S.S. Nation, contact Mickey Goetting, Conservation Director at