We realized this program was more important than ever and decided to file for Not-For-Profit status, with the purpose of having ReBaits® collection bins placed throughout the country and now even Canada has joined in our cause.  By providing a means for anglers to properly dispose of their used soft plastic baits we are able to collect the number one selling fishing lure and have it recycled on a large scale, keeping them out of our fragile environment and landfills. 


The ReBaits® program provides a collection bin made of steel that are powder coated to withstand abuse and the elements.  They are painted blue to represent the international color for recycling and water.  Each bin comes with a universal mount able to be affixed to just about any surface; wood, metal, posts, railings and more. 

Should a bin get damage and become unusable we replace it at no cost.  Each bin is designed to hold a prepaid mailer insert, so when the discarded baits are placed into the bin they fall directly into the mailer.  When the bin/mailer is full, the locking hinged lid is simply opened using a provided security screw bit.  The mailer is removed, placed in the outgoing mail and sent to us for data recording (i.e.: weight of plastic to be recycled, amount of trash or any non-soft plastics, etc...)   There is no need to handle the discarded soft plastics, only remove the prepaid mailer insert and add new one in its place.   

We also place a logo of the ReBaits® participants’ choice on the bin to help promote their organization and show their involvement in this conservation initiative.  This has proven to bring attention to organizations in a positive way, leading to articles, videos, social media and other media means to promote awareness and bring attention your organization.  There is also a very clear and easily understood message that reads,” Used Soft Plastics Only, No Trash Please”.


We record the data on the baits before packing them in EPA approved containers and sending them off to our recycling partner. Who then removes all the scents, glitter, salt, etc.. And turns them into a material used in the coating of power lines.  Recycling of baits on a large scale is very costly and difficult to do.
We record the data of the discarded baits collected because this is one of the first times actual data of this kind is being tracked and analyzed.  A necessity showing that anglers are hyperaware on how to sustain a fragile environment we care so much about.  Anglers want future generations to enjoy the environment as we did and that is why we clean up after ourselves and recycle when possible. 

Not For Profit - 501(C)3

Since we are in the process of completing our filing to be an official Not-For-Profit organization, ReBaits® does not financially support itself from the bins or the collection/recycling service. We provided each manufactured high quality bin well below the cost to fabricate one; we sell them for $30 and pass along the costs we pay for shipping, sorting and recycling of the baits. ReBaits® sustains itself financially through grants, donations and sponsorships.


In the last month we recently released the current finalized collection bin design and have incredible feedback. New organizations are seeing the need and now participating in the ReBaits® program in states like Florida, Minnesota, California, Maine, Canada, and we are in the works of hopefully having bins placed throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Alabama, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut, Colorado, Texas, Ontario, and several other areas. We have even been contacted by organizations in South America, South Africa and Australia. There are over 80 million anglers currently residing in this great country, it's time to spread this initiative across North America. Making recycling discarded or used soft plastic baits common practice. It's the future whether we like it or not. The ReBaits® program is designed for all bodies of water including; tournaments, coastal waters, lakes, or any where's they is a need.