About Us

The ReBaits® program, is considered to be this generations "Catch & Release" movement.  It’s a necessity for the environment, our lakes, and fish.  The goal of the ReBaits® program is to install collection bins in locations from Coast to Coast, Lake to Lake and State to State. The program focuses on the number one selling fishing product, soft plastic baits.  The bins provide a safe way for recreational and professional anglers to properly dispose of their used soft plastic baits. Retrieve-Recycle-ReBaits®   

ReBaits® was founded by Eamon Bolten, Florida B.A.S.S. Conservation Director, Avid Tournament Angler and Conservationist. His passion for the fishing industry and the environment began a journey of collecting used soft plastic baits at tournaments, tackle shops, fishing piers, parks and public waters, both fresh and salt-water, while educating anglers of the importance.  His vison was to help keep our waterways free from litter, promote healthy fisheries and prevent regulations or bans on the use of soft plastic baits

Governor Scott The ReBaits® program is growing rapidly and has many supporters including The State of Florida, HOA’s, DNR’s, Parks and Recreation Departments, FWC’s, High School and College Fishing Teams and youth organizations and individual anglers to  name a few.  The program has also caught the attention of the major leaders in the fishing industry like B.A.S.S., Berkley, Shimano, BoatUS, ASA, West Marine, Dick’s Sporting Goods and many others.

Advocating and lobbying has played a big role in the success of the ReBaits® program.  In the State Maine legislation was introduced that would have put unnecessary regulations or possible bans on the use of soft plastic baits. Had this bill passed, untold numbers of jobs would have been lost and major retailers may have pulled out of the state.  The economic impact from loss of angler tourism, fishing clubs and tournaments would have been greatly impacted and other states could have used this measure as precedent to do the same.  ReBaits® played a major role in preventing this from passing. 

The collection bins are popping up on piers across the United States and Canada, they are made of steel which is powder coated to withstand abuse and the elements.  They are painted blue to represent the international color for recycling and water.  Each bin comes with a universal mount able to be affixed to just about any surface; wood, metal, posts, railings and more.  Each bin is designed to hold a prepaid mailer insert, so when the discarded baits are placed into the bin they fall directly into the mailer.  When the bin/mailer is full, the locking hinged lid is simply opened using a provided security screw bit.  The mailer is removed, placed in the outgoing mail and sent to us for data recording (i.e.: weight of plastic to be recycled, amount of trash or any non-soft plastics, etc...)   There is no need to handle the discarded soft plastics, only remove the prepaid mailer insert and add new one in its place.   

We record the data on the baits before packing them in EPA approved containers and sending them off to our recycling partner. During the recycling process they remove all the scents, glitter, salt, etc. and turn them into a material used in the coating of power lines

The statistical data of the discarded baits collected is used in our lobbying efforts to ensure that soft plastic baits can stay in our tackle boxes, as proof that the program is working.  This will allow future generations to enjoy the environment as we do, all we need to do is Retrieve-Recycle-ReBaits®
We are currently in the process of completing our filing to be an official Not-For-Profit organization.  ReBaits® does not financially support itself from the bins or the collection/recycling service. ReBaits® sustains itself solely through grants, donations and sponsorships.  We offer organizations and individuals the opportunity to sponsor a bin on a monthly basis.  The cost of the bin including the monthly collection is $35/month.  If you or your organization would like to get involved please contact us at info@rebaits.com.

There are over 80 million anglers currently residing in this great country, it’s time to spread this initiative across North America.  Making recycling discarded or used soft plastic baits common practice.   The ReBaits® program is designed for all bodies of water and all kinds of fishing enthusiasts including; tournaments, coastal waters, lakes, recreational or professional alike.  Help us help the environment and our passion for fishing by being a part of this movement. 

  • It's a necessity, especially for lakes that provide great fishing and in the near future, we will see ReBaits® collection bins in locations from Coast to Coast, Lake to Lake and State to State.

    Eamon Bolten