Over 3500 pounds of plastic recycled!

About Us

Soft plastic baits have long been an important part of every angler's tackle box and will continue to be as they are the number one selling bait across the fishing industry.

ReBaits® was founded by Eamon Bolten in Florida. Collections used soft plastic baits began at tournaments, tackle shops, fishing piers, parks and public waters, both fresh and salt-water, while educating anglers of the importance of recycling and litter prevention.

The collection of used soft plastics has been considered to be the next "Catch & Release" movement as mentioned by several industry leaders. The ReBaits® program has been endorsed by the retail fishing industry, the anglers, the State of Florida FWC and the State of Maine, who recently wanted to ban the use of soft plastics all together and until learning of the ReBaits® activism.

The ReBaits® Program prevented a precedent from being set in Maine that could have potentially snow balled to every part of the fishing industry banning the use soft plastics and possibly causing major revenue losses and harm to the fishing industry.

The collection and reuse of these baits will benefit everyone from the angler all the way to the manufacturer. From an industry that supported the innovative "Catch & Release" program, this is the next step on the conservation path. Adopting this concept will revolutionize the bass fishing industrry and help to protect our fisheries as sport fishing continues to grow.

From the grass roots angler to the Elite Series Pro, ReBaits® is a concept that can be implemented at every level of fishing, saltwater or freshwater, across this country and beyond.

Know the Team

Eamon Bolton
Eamon Bolten Founder
Passionate about the cause
Mickey Goetting
Mickey Goetting Webmaster
Avid angler and conservationist